At  APAN, we provide our members as many opportunities to experience as many different styles of specialist workshop possible.You do not have to be a member to attend selected APAN workshops that are listed on this page.

In 2017/18 we have an incredible line up that continually develops and evolves for our member's needs. Workshops range from audition technique, vocal coaching, musical theatre, all dance styles and acting for camera.

All performers should be looking at extending themselves with experiencing varied styles of choreographers, directors and industry professionals that can pass on valued information to students.We have now created the open class program that is intended as an extension of your normal classes only.


Jeep Management's Industry Workshop.

Australia’s Leading Commercial Agency for Dancers, Singers, Actors & Models. Will be coming to Perth on  Sunday November 5th 2017. The  one-day workshop focuses on audition technique in the fields of TV/Film,Modelling & Catwalk,Commercial Dance & Musical Theatre.This interactive workshop recreates real-life casting situations – allowing students to understand the nature of becoming an Entertainment Industry Professional.The Jeep Management team will be there to guide students through the process, offering tips on how to present oneself at castings, advice on what casting agents are looking for and giving feedback on how to find an Artist’s own special place within the industry.

Workshop refund policy and disclaimer:

- In the event APAN cancels a workshop for which you have registered and fees have been paid, a full refund for the workshop fee will be awarded. 

- Please allow up to three weeks for the refund to be processed.

- Refunds will not be provided for non-attendance, however credit notes for future workshops may be granted under exceptional circumstances. If you consider that you have a basis for such a claim, you will be required to apply for a refund in writing and provide relevant documentary evidence to substantiate your claim.

- Non-attendance to a workshop where door sales have been organised will result in an invoice for the full cost of all places booked. 

- No refunds are available once a course/workshop has commenced. APAN reserves the right to alter any of the arrangements for classes either before or during workshops as required.