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Stay Motivated to Dance!


Stay Motivated to Dance

One of the hardest things when you start dancing more and more is to stay motivated. You'll start getting up in the mornings and finding yourself dreading going to class again. You might be more irritable and easily frustrated in class, or you might not try as hard as you used to. You start to lose your enthusiasm. You lose sight of why you started dancing in the first place.

How do we prevent loss of motivation and eventual burnout? Here are some things to do to keep excited and stimulated for my future in dance:

Watch dance, as much as you can, whatever you can, whenever you can

Experience different styles of dance that you are  ot familiar with. Get out of your familiar zone. Go to the ballet, go see a local company's performance, check out free shows in your area online, go see university shows, support local school and studio shows. If you can't get there in person, borrow, or buy DVDs of performances. Stalk Youtube. Keep learning, even when you're watching, keep growing. Sometimes you can learn more or be more inspired from watching than from doing the same old thing.

Have other hobbies

This is a big one, because no one can eat, sleep, and breathe for only one thing in life. Even if it's just to listen to music on your iPhone between classes or to read a magazine or watch mindless TV ,go to the beach try something different.

Dance by yourself in your room or go out and dance socially with friends that you remember that dance isn't just a profession, it's also a way to have fun and de-stress! Put on music after your shower, hang upside down , dry your hair (stretching!), spend a little time stretching, and then have a little personal dance party. Go out dancing with your friends ...just don't kill yourself in your sky-high heels.

Read dance literature

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of our own dancing. We forget to broaden our horizons. Learning about what other dancers do and other companies will keep dance a fresh topic for you, as opposed to a stagnant, narrow subject. There's always new things happening in the world of dance - Dance Magazine is a great resource, or you can look at their web site From there, you can read dance criticism, borrow dance anatomy/history/whatever you want books from the library, read reviews of dance from newspapers or blogs.

When you're feeling down, blue, or depressed, dance it out

Or stretch, or do jumping jacks, or something movement-related to get your blood pumping. One of the reasons you likely dance (most dancers will agree) is that moving feels good to you. So, if your body feels good, your mind can't be far behind. Have you ever noticed that you'll go to class in a bad mood and feel better by the end, or maybe you haven't even thought about what was stressing you before? Moving and dancing will get adrenaline and endorphins flowing, which means that your body is chemically cheering itself up, and your brain will react to that! Also, if you start to dance when you're sad/depressed and you keep feeling better after, your mind will start to associate dance with feeling good, and dance class (technique even) will seem less of a burden.

Make an inspiration board or find beautiful dance pictures

Start  collecting pictures and quotes of dance that you love. If your feeling a little lost in your dancing, look at those pictures or read some of those quotes, you will feel so  empowered. You will always feel better when you think about dance from a fresh perspective, maybe your favourite images and sayings will empower you too!

Remember what got you into dance in the first place

Why are you still dancing? That's a personal opinion, you can love so many things about dance that will make it worthwhile for you: you can love performing in front of an audience, how it makes you feel, or maybe you enjoy taking on different characters and impersonating them. Make a physical list of why you love to dance and stick it to your ceiling so you can read it every night before you go to bed and every morning when you wake up. Ask yourself why every day, because once you start to consistently answer with an "I don't know", it may be time to change or tweak your career path. 

Refresh , be empowered and remember why you love to dance !